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Postby darkallience » Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:47 am

I don't know how this can work yet but I have been thinking, about maybe adding a draft for each division or something instead of throwing the new players into the pool of free agents that is already there since there are getting to be so many teams now. I don't know if this is an idea already or a bad idea or what I figured I might as well put it in the suggestions one just in case so what are your opinions?
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Re: Draft?

Postby Cygnus » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:29 am

A draft is pretty tricky to realize, because you can't expect everyone to be online at the same time. There would have to be at least a day allowed between picks, which basically renders this impossible.
Also it would limit the options for expanding the team, as good players probably wouldn't become available for lower tiers.

This is just my opinion right now and I'd love to hear more about the idea on how it could work.

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Re: Draft?

Postby darkallience » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:10 am

I see where you are coming from with the whole draft thing, I have to think more about it before I can really think of anymore details at the moment its just something that came to my mind when I was looking at the free agency and seeing the players that were young and good going towards the top tier team while the lower tier teams didn't really get the players, I don't know maybe I'm getting a little excited about getting better players....
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Re: Draft?

Postby trackdiver23 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:30 am

You'll get your better players eventually, don't you worry. A lot of it depends on how you play out your loans. Like I took a really aggressive loan strategy. So right now I have a really solid team for my division, but I'm also SUPER dependent on winning lots of games and playing friendlies if I ever hope to pay all my loans back. Currently it's working, but I'll also be spending this month and pretty much next month paying off loans. Which for me is fine, because I have enough good players to make it all worth it, so I won't need to make any major investments.

A lot of this game is about looking at the long term. Right now compare yourself to everyone in your division. If you're in a new division, you don't really need to spend that 3500G on a level 40+ player, when you can buy a couple of young 33 average players for even less and still be able to hold your own. Those level 33 players will be close to 40 average by the end of the season with the right training, and then you will have both saved money in the short run and be prepared for a good start during the next month.
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Re: Draft?

Postby Ruse » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:59 pm

I have thought about creating a draft system and just found this topic.

Many talented players gets deleted as Free Agents cause the Top Teams don´t need many players and many lower League Teams can´t pay the prices for them.

A draft system could bring in more talented players into the lower leagues and could also strenght the smaller nationalteams who struggle if just one good talent gets deleted.
At the other side its also a nice thing for new managers, if they can get one really talented player very early in the game and could bring in some motivation to stay active.

So it could work.
All Free Agents who don´t get a bid at the Tradelist, joins a Draftlist, instead of getting deleted.

Each Team could only Draft one player each season or they need to wait 30 Days before they can draft again a player.)
To gave small teams a chance, i would prefer that the Player is at the first day just available for Teams from the lowest League.
At the second day for the two lowest leagues.
At the third day for the three lowest leagues. and so on. (Maybe some leagues who are nearly same strong could get at the same day a chance to draft.)
If a Player is available for all leagues, he stay three days longer at the list and gets deleted if nobody likes to sign him.

To draft a player you need also to bid, but here all players are placed for 100G or something like that, so each lower leeague Team can make a bid on him. maybe the price can get higher each day.
Another possible version could be, that the lowest placed team (actual or from last season) that makes a bid gets the player and if they are same place it becomes drawn to onw of them.

I´m not sure how it could work technically.
Maybe it could be like a modified Code of the Tradelist with is a List for each day and each list is available for more leagues. A player stays just one day at the list and swaps then to the next one, where more leagues have a chance to bid.
That would mean that lower League Teams need to check out more lists, but otherwise it should not be a big problem for them, cause they profit the most.
But i have to say that i have no knowledge of Codes and that stuff, so its not more then a cause for thoughts
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Re: Draft?

Postby KAI93 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:06 pm

I like the thought of the Draftboard, though I think it would be slightly different. You let everyone in the lowest league have a chance to bid on the set of players for a day or two. They can bid on as many as they want, ranking each (1st, 2nd, etc.). So when the draft happens, it begins with the lowest team on the boards 1st ranking and allocates. Then it continues to give the 1st pick of each team to it as it goes up the lowest league (hitting each X place in every division of that tier). If that first pick has already been taken it continues on to 2nd, 3rd, etc. until it possibly can't allocate a player to a team, if so they just don't get a player that draft. If you want a small draft entry fee, could do that and return it if all the team's ranked players are allocated already.
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