Kingston Ghosts Press Release

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Kingston Ghosts Press Release

Postby KnightNick » Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:28 pm

Kingston Ghosts Promotional Schedule for Remaining Home Matches

The Kingston Ghosts organization would like to thank the fans for the incredible increase in attendance we have seen at our home matches. We would also like to thank several players who we were able to sign over the course of season forty-seven including Egerton Hawkins, Marco Cerci, Mabel Lee, Tadayoshi Shiro, Kimball Moss, and the fan favorite, Godfrey Games. This season would not be possible without you. As a thank you to our fans, the Kingston Ghosts have decided to add a few promotional dates to our remaining home matches. Please refer to the schedule below.

Day 23 Bath Kneazles - Egerton Hawkins Autograph/Photo Day!
Day 24 London Wasps
Day 25 London Ilvermorny - Half price Butterbeer Night!
Day 26 Galway Deathstrokers
Day 28 Cambridge Unicorns
Day 28 Halifax Harrows - Fireworks Night!
Day 29 Aberdeen ThunderDragons
Day 30 Dundee Privateers - Godfrey Games Bobblehead Night! (First 1500 fans)

Thank you again for all your support!
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