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Edinburgh Reekies

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The Edinburgh Herald Season 48, Day 14
Club Profile: Edinburgh Reekies

The Edinburgh Reekies are causing some excitement in the local quidditch community. Top talent from the Leith area entered themselves into the Sapling Division last season but quickly realised their management acumen outdid their skills on the pitch and began to scout the country for promising young players. They made a number of signings during the transition into season 48. Notable acquisitions include Keeper Jed Lewis and Seeker Ian Duggan, who between them managed to keep the Reekies afloat in the early stages of the league. Now, at day 14, they are in the midst of a tightly contested mid-table battle in Oak Division 2, clawing for position over the Liverpool Liverbirds, Wolverhampton Helfiels and Blackpool Strikers.

Tensions are high as the new players settle into the club and get to know each other. This has resulted in a few unexpected defeats for a team with promotion potential. Now the squad has settled into a good rhythm and has put together a string of comprehensive victories over their mid and low table opponents.

However, the young management are mixing things up again. This time with some long-term loans from Ayr Victory, youth Beater Gerald Lloyd and Chaser Keegan Patterson. The quick development of Lloyd and Patterson will be key to the Reekies' short term success, with a game this week against rivals the Liverpool Liverbirds. Lloyd is due to be flown as a chaser in the coming league matches, perhaps the Reekies' scouts have spotted some scoring potential in the 19 year old.

Long-term success will depend on the management's temperament. Throwing money around the transfer market makes good headlines, but we will see how sustainable their strategy is as the coming seasons unfold. The community is wishing the team the best, and watching closely with wary eyes.


Match Report Season 48, Day 15

Edinburgh Reekies 390:130 Liverpool Liverbirds

Gerald Lloyd and Keegan Patterson made stunning debuts in this crucial mid-season mid-table match. The two new additions to the Reekies' chaser line seem set to light up Oak Division 3 and hopes are high around the Nor' Loch Stadium. The fans will do well to remember that these are still early stages with some tough fixtures in the coming weeks, and the pair just easing into their new colours after a lengthy spell on the bench at Ayr Victory.

With this win, the Reekies are set to break away from the pack with the Wolverhampton Helfiels. A fierce battle between 4th, 5th, and 6th is set to keep spectators entertained when they aren't following the tight competition between the top two, Jackals and Hypogriffs.

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