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Victoria Revue

Postby Ruse » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:00 pm

Image the Victoria RevueImage

Official site of the Victoria Valkyries and Victoria Veela

Foundation: 5.12.2016 S 51 M26


Team Captains Haley Duffy (S51), Moira Broderick (S52), Clara Meireles (S53)

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Re: The Veela

Postby Ruse » Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:28 am

Veela Press Conference

The Big day has already come. It`s time to step out and tell the Journlists about the new Club in Victoria. Pryah Tyagi looks nervous around. She never speaks infront of so many people and now she would be anywhere just not here. But she is here.
It was one week ago, when the famous welsh Beater Lorelei Millar invited her to a casting for the vacant Coaching job at Victoria. When she reads the letter the first time she thought it was a joke from her friends. After that moment of surprise she was just very happy. Receiving a Job at a famous quidditch Team was everything she ever likes to do.
After that she meet Lorelei at the leaking Cauldron and they talk hours about quidditch and training methods. Very fast was clear that both favour a similar strategy, the only thing that speaks against her, was her missing experience (Priya is 25 and has just played low League in India) and her shy and calm character. Priya was never a person who shout loud or was in the lead. She had a clear idea of strategy, was intelligent and smart and speaks three languages.
Three days after the meeting she receive the message that she gets the Job and should join the Press Conference today.
„ Are you ok, Priya?“ Lorelei joins her, wearing a charming violet suit and having a small paper in her hand. Priya wears just jeans and a black shirt which let her feel a bid underdressed beneath her GM.
„ Yes. I´m Just a bid nervous.“
„ No fear. You will make a good job out there.“
„ Thank you.“
„ Oh. Before i forgot it. I have good news for you. Moira signed her contract.“
That let her smile. Moira is a big talent with enough quality to win games by her own at the Level the Teams play at the moment.
„ Great job. With Moira we will surely succed.“
„ Yes. I hoped it will cheers you. Are you ready?“
Priya nods.

Out at the rostrum she gets a bid feared. Equal where she looks around she see flashing cams.
Lorelei seems to feel her shock and grabs her arm, pulling her tot he desk. And luckily Lorelei starts to talk.
„ Welcome at the Veela press conference. I´m very happy to see you here. Before i talk about our team i like to introduce Priya Tyagi as our new headcoach.“
Prya smiles shy and nods friendly, while many people make photos of her.
„ The Victoria Veela will be the new Team in Victoria. We like to be an approachable Club for the people of Victoria and not a global label like the Valkyries under Claesson. We will try to field each season a strong team and like to walk fast into high leagues.
We are happy to present here our new jersey. Our Colours will be violet and green with golden Numbers and letterings. We decide to choose Violet colours in Memory oft he earliest Valkyries jersey. Green and Gold should gave our team a fresh and cool touch. But the Veela will not be special cause we wear this new combination of colour. No. I proudly announce that we will be the first official called Womanteam. Beautiful and skillfull Quidditch is our obsession and female players have qualitys we can use. Cause woman are smaller, we will have a faster and more agile squad which we will use to play the most elegant and fastest quidditch out there. What we lack on power we will outplay with precision and Dexterity. We will be the Queens oft he Night and the new Number one in Victoria. Thank you.“
Priya was flabbergasted when she hears Loreleis speech. Lorelei shows nothing else then self confidence and proudness to stand there.
A journalist ask. „ Why you decide to leave the Valkyries?“
Lorelei answers calm. „ It was time to leave the team. Miss Forsberg is a very charming person, but Claessons leadership is determined by his arrogant manpower. He don´t like to hear other comments. He has a clear vision and push in the money, so ist ok that he just see his opinion, but it is not my vision and i don´t like the way the Valkyries work at the moment.“
Athe journalist ask again: „ The valkyries just announce that they build one oft he biggest academys of the world and signed a deal with the Clandestine Academy of the Aethersprites.“
„ Yes. Thats a great move. The problem is, he has cancelled open training for the fans, the Academy is not for local talents, only for worldtalents, who don´t feal the identity of the club and the nation. The Veela like to train infront of our fans. Fans should have the chance to talkw ith our players after the training. We like to invite kids around the town into our academy. We like tob e a team that is beloved for their fan affinity.“
„ Why you choose to found the Team in Victoria.?
„ I stayed my whole life in Wales. I played fort he Corgis and then fort he Valkyries. I had an offer to become the boss of the harlow harpies, but here in Victoria i had build up my life. I have my family here and my friends. Yes. I wasn´t happy anymore at the Valkyries, but i love the town and so it was a joy to stay here and build up an alternate tot he Valkyries.“
„ Why you think you are suitable to lead a team?“
„ I learned a lot from Harley Shaw and worked at the Valkyries Academy. I have a clear vision and will be open to hear the ideas from other talented people. But I think ist time now to gave Priya the Chance to introduce herself and her very cool ideas.“
All eyes switchesd to Priya and she felt the presure of every glimpse when she start to speak.
It will follow.
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Re: The Veela

Postby Provencal le Gaulois » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:58 pm

Brawl at Veela vs. Asraï game :

The end of the game between the two females leading team of the Iron 2 turn bad at the end. Frustrated by the large defeat of her team, Tracy Clarke (Asraï's beater) violentely try to hit Hazel Carr with her bat - hopefuly Hazel dodge. After that Broderick hit Clarke on the head with her broom. Meireles and Soprani get an animated discution, following by a a huge brawl between the two team. During the post-game interwiew Meireles say that she hope for a suspention of the league for Clarke and Broderick mock the Asraï, saying that the second place of the Asraï is only because of the weakness of the Iron 2, and that the Asraï cannot pretend about the Steel in any other Iron division.

So is it the begining of a big rivalery between the 2 female team or like Broderick says there is no match between the two teams ?

(Some english mistake, sorry about that, i try my best its a good exercice :)
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Re: The Veela

Postby Ruse » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:11 am

Asrais vs Veela

Game two played in Kirkwall ends with an high 170:820 win for the Violas.
A very motivated Veela squad has not forget what happens after the last match and so it was Tamara McClaren who start an early target practice with Tracy Clarke, who had to show many emergency turns and has to take a couple of hits untill her teammates take her out of the firezone and keep her up.
Many rumours who told that Veela Keysponsor Shannon Laffey has offered 100 G for the player who hit Clarke most times, was going around, but can´t be confirmed yet.

Was the game very hard but fair at the beginning it comes again to an mass confrontation, when Clara Meireles show an hard block against Geraldine Bradbury, who falls of her broken broom and land into a group of fans. Immediatly two Asrais players start to attack Clara , but also the spitfire Moira Broderick reacts fastly and block both players untill honourleague Referee Travis Morgan regulates the scene.
But after that it became the hard match everybody expected.
Finally it ended in a loud discussion beetween Pryah Tyagi and Asrais Player Erika Soproni, who argue also hours after the game.

" It was a very hard match, but to constitute Ckara as the unfairestplayer of the league can just be a bad joke.", tells Pryah the waiting journalists.
" Blocking another player is part of the game and I have also seen a lot of dirty fouls by many Asrais Players. That geraldine fall from her Broom was a shocking moment, but Clara hasn´t hit her with the intention of taking her out of the game and was just awkward."

Erika Soproni just laughs about that words, when the journalists tell about und cunter that Clara Meireles should end her career if she is to old and toslow to play fair tackles.
Clara herself don´t talk about the game and was seen in the medical section of the stadium, after receiving a Bludger headshoot.

One day later she send a letter with a apology to Bradbury and she gift her a new broom out of a violet tinged wood and a green Veela lettering.

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