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Blackburn Dragons

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Dragonscale: Blackburn Dragons Official Journal.

The Dragons, Champions of the Silver League.
by Keri Dudas

"It's 410-400 in favor of the Acrobatics, what a game we are seeing today ladies and gentlemen." Uriel Venkiss voice echoed through the Synthasia-Drakon Park as more than thirty-two thousand souls held their hands together. It was the final match of a long fought season. The match that would decide the championship. The dragons having lost their previous match yet holding a favorable head-to-head record against their toughest rivals this season. The tension was so palpable in the air that it could be cut with a knife to then be served with suspense. "Fitzgerald spots the snitch!" Uriel shouted as a collective gasp ensued, engulfing the field. "O'Sullivan follows at great speed! They are head to head! O'Sullivan comes ahead! Fitzgerald recovers! O'Sullivan is now behind! Fitzgerald goes for glory! HE HAS GLORY! THE MATCH ENDS! 410-450! The Blackburn Dragons Are Champions of the Silver League! The Dragons Win!"

The excitement invaded the stands of the Synthasia-Drakon Park, sparks flew from wands and the top stands. The victory that had long eluded the organization was finally theirs. Meanwhile back at the Jersey, on the Acrobatics ground, the whole squad rushed towards their Seeker over the green velvety carpet of the pitch. The few thousand supporters that had traveled with the squad celebrating from their seats, echoing what was happening on their home turf. Cries of joy overcame the team Captain Noelle Hirst. Winning silverware during her very first season with the team and as Captain. Former Scottish International, Gabriel Thompson, on his last professional match, echoed the sentiment of his teammates, raising both arms to the heaves whilst he celebrated. Team Owner, Jerome Steinbrenner applauded from the VIP box after shaking hands with the president of the Acrobatics only to the join the team on the field, watching proudly as Noelle Hirst and Gabriel Thompson lifted the long waited cup.

"I knew this was our moment." Casper Fitzgerald said later with a smile and the scent of champagne and butter beer still present on him. "We gave it all during the season and this was our moment. The team, this organization, has always believed in accomplishing the impossible, we had a debt to our fans to win the league for them and we did, for them."

"It's a nice way to say goodbye of the game." Gabriel Thompson confided later, after the team had readied to leave for Blackburn. "The team has a strong foundation and a good dynamic, they'll do well."

It has been truly a historic season.

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