The Glass Cup

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The Glass Cup

Postby Engelbert » Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:39 am

It was a rainy day in Sheffield. As always. The managers of Owls, Blades, 7Hills and Bees were drinking a pint in the Beehive.
- It is boring – said Engelbert, looking relentless to the empty wall.
- Definitively – agreed Stranheartna.
- How could someone imagine that creating your own Quidditch team would be like this? – said Alina.
- We never play a match. When we finally play, it is against teams with hundreds of super-players loaded from bigger teams… - finished Taguma.
Engelbert smiled. Ok, it was a kind of scary smile, but he had an idea. Waving his wand, he wrote something in a dirty dish around him.
- Hey, what are we doing here? We can just go to the Weston Park, make the threes walk to scare the muggles, pick our brooms and play while no one is looking. Yes, I do know that we would go arrested, again, it was just a metaphor. We can create our own group and play our own tournament! We can be the Glass Group, and create the Glass Cup!
- First, our teams are from the Steel City… - argued Alina.
- Yeah, but the name is already taken…
- Second, could you use a clean plate?
And this is how the Glass Group was funded.

The rules are simple and any team that fulfil them can join the group:

1 – Don’t have any loan player
2 – The Head Quarter of the team must be in Sheffield
3 – The team must have started on season 56

The four teams mentioned earlier were the only (as expected) to join the group. They created the Glass Cup Every team played against every other 4 times. In the final round, Blades could won just one game against 7Hills and would be crowned champions, but they won both.

Day 12
Owls 380 X 130 Bees
Bees 120 X 260 Owls
Blades 320 X 330 7Hills
7Hills 230 X 140 Blades

Day 13
Owls 240 X 270 Blades
Blades 420 X 290 Owls
Bees 210 X 230 7Hills
7Hills 140 X 40 Bees

Day 14
Owls 430 X 280 7Hills
7Hills 400 X 440 Owls
Blades 210 X 60 Bees
Bees 110 X 220 Blades

Day 15
Owls 300 X 170 7Hills
7Hills 320 X 190 Owls
Blades 360 X 220 Bees
Bees 250 X 300 Blades

Day 16
Owls 330 X 420 Blades
Blades 250 X 130 Owls
Bees 720 X 1040 7Hills
7Hills 310 X 210 Bees

Day 17
Owls 130 X 80 Bees
Bees 170 X 210 Owls
Blades 290 X 180 7Hills
7Hills 780 X 1150 Blades

The final standings are:

--------Points Goals Difference Goals For Goals Against
Blades 30 1200 4350 3150
Owls 21 300 3330 3030
7Hills 21 -30 4410 4440
Bees 0 -2090 2320 4410

The Glass Team, formed by the best players is:

Position Player Team
K Timo Bader Bees
S Áron Benyovszky Blades
C Humphrey Howell Owls
C Ross Fisher Owls
C Gerald Fitzpatricks 7Hills
B Ambrose Marsden Blades
B Eliot Nicholson 7Hills

We will bring interviews, analysis and more information in the near future. Stay tuned!

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