The Paisley Peppers

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The Paisley Peppers

Postby nakari » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:23 am

written by Nadia Horta

Esmeralda Glyn, 20, and Herman Glyn, 23, were recently reunited on the field of the Pepper Mill. The siblings have been playing Quidditch together from a young age.
Esmeralda played for Gryffindor for a year during her time a Hogwarts. She's always been a chaser, though is now training to become a seeker, and looks forward to the challenge.

Herman has been playing professional Quidditch for several years. Since the start of Season 58 he has been playing with Leeds PaxPacifica. However, the PaxPacifica aimed to streamline their team. Herman Glyn's skills seemed below his team mates, despite the excellent training that the PaxPacifica provided. From an outside perspective, it appears that the PaxPacifica had enough money to just get rid of excellent players. (Lucky that the Peppers are such good friends that this game wouldn't split us apart!) He found himself on the tradelist.

On the same day, the Paisley Peppers were founded. Esmeralda speaks of the event:
"Heh, it's a surprise it took so long, really. We've all been playing Quidditch together casually since Hogwarts days. 'Cept Nakari, who prefers to just watch and criticize us. Anyway, we're all on holiday together, and we're sitting in this cafe, right? And we hear this guy next to us talking about his own professional Quidditch team. He'd only just started it. And then we realised - well - we could do that, too!"

The team's manager, Nakari, was aware of Herman Glyn's presence on the tradelist. She contacted the PaxPacifica and negotiated the chaser's transfer to the Peppers. Herman had been travelling for several years in his job as a professional Quidditch player and his part-time work as a dragon handler. The siblings hadn't had time together for months. It was inspiring to see them reunited, hugging each other tightly, until Esmeralda punched him on the shoulder lightly, they took their brooms, and headed out on the pitch for a match with the Derry Derrieres - the very team the man had been speaking of that sparked the idea in Nakari.

Despite having lost all their friendlies so far, the Peppers remain full of pep, and likely to fast improve. I asked Nakari: "Are you optimistic about all of us and our chances of success?"

Nakari smiled. "I'm optimistic about the Paisley Peppers, yes. It'll be a very interesting experiment" She went back to calculating.

Esmeralda Glyn - seeker - avg 22 - age 20
Fergus Casey - beater - avg 22 - age 21
Eileen Gillespie - beater - avg 21 - age 22
Herman Glyn - chaser - avg 48 - age 23
Nadia Horta - chaser - avg 21 - age 21
Grover Goldstein - chaser - avg 22 - age 20
Melvina Cooper - keeper - avg 21 - age 18
Jade McCormick - backup - avg 22 - age 18
Daniela Schubert - backup - avg 21 - age 19

Note from the Editor - Hi guys! It's me, Nadia, your favourite chaser! Nakari said I should start trying to promote our team. Peppers, I know you're out there, please pass this on. Gotta get more people coming to our games so we can start training more. I've been to stadiums with like, a broom shed and everything. Let's hope I'm still in the team by next time I write an issue of this, haha!

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