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Southend Shields

Postby Ohan » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:59 pm

Southend Shields were established in 2017, when friends Carol Patel (18) and Lara Payne (19) decided to form a local team after finishing their NEWTS. Patel formed the team in her last year at Hogwarts, selecting like minded players. Patel's recruiting stood them in good stead, collecting such brilliant sports-wizards as Ambrose Cross (19.7) and Connor Mcleod (21). Payne was Quidditch captain of Hufflepuff house in her school days, playing Seeker. Under Payne, Hufflepuff won the Quidditch cup two years running. Patel played Chaser for Gryffindor, and kept up a very respectable record, earning her several accolades in the Hogwarts trophy room. The team (once assembled) recruited another friend Ohan Cork to be their manager. The Shields are miraculously just breaking their way into the Iron League and we wish them all the best. Their Home ground is Roots Hall, in Southend.

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