Nations Cup Stats

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Nations Cup Stats

Postby Speedy » Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:02 am

Until a crude table of Nations Cup stats can be added to the game (this time around or in a future cup), I will track an even cruder breakdown of stats as regularly as I can.

Dermot HirstNIR89/196
Perez LopezARG71/154
Jeremy AllenSCO70/109
Martinha AugustiBRA83/233
Adan GomezESP61/109
Adília LealPOR53/288
Dean HirstENG63/122
Darrel BowdenAUS49/110
Martin LlewellynIRE53/114
Trista StewartNZL62/119
Maximilien DujardinFRA24/27
Tukumi KandaJPN32/164
Leslie WelchWAL47/106
Csetény PostaHUN30/104
Anabel CorderoMEX12/15
Al-Zahabi ShakeelEGY21/147
Leo GöbelGER22/29
Jadwiga KamieńPOL27/116
Carlton HussainUSA47/98

(Last updated after Group Day 3)
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Reason: Scratch that. I can't do this for every single position. I can keep the Keeper one going (%s to be added in future) if others can compile stats for the other positions...
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Re: Nations Cup Stats

Postby Sokolov » Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:52 pm

A valiant effort but this will take forever to do manually :-/
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