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Quidditch Manager

Quidditch Manager is a free web-based Quidditch simulation and management game that puts you in charge of a professional Quidditch team.

Right from the start you are able to influence the progression of your aspiring stars:
Determine lineups, set match strategies, select training routines, trade players, arrange friendlies, expand your stadium and much more!

Lead your team to victory and glory, while sharing this experience with other online players in the competition!

How to play

Study your options and learn how to guide your club to success!

Quidditch Manager is packed with features and is steadily growing. Read up on where to start and how to make the most of the scarce resources at the beginning of your manager career.


Just like every game, Quidditch Manager has its set of game and player conduct rules.

Make sure not to break them and read up here on tiebreakers, league system and naming guidelines.


New to Quidditch?

Get to know more about game mechanics, scoring, player positions and other useful topics, such as the adaptations that take effect in Quidditch Manager.

Please keep in mind that Quidditch Manager is based on the fictional Wizards' Quidditch!