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Quidditch is an intense game of skill and determination played between two teams of seven players, soaring on broomsticks high above the ground.

Each team has three Chasers, who fly in formation while passing a large, red Quaffle back and forth, which they try to throw through one of the opposing teams' three hoops - positioned 30, 40, and 50 feet above the ground - to earn their team 10 points.

The defending team has various ways of preventing this: the Chasers may intercept the Quaffle, the Keeper may save the Quaffle to prevent a goal, or one of the two bat-wielding Beaters can disrupt the flow of play by whacking one of the two small, bewitched Bludgers at the other team!

The other role of the Beaters is to protect the players of their own team from being hit by Bludgers. The more attacking the play, the more aggressive the Beaters.

Like the Keeper, there is only one Seeker per team.
The Seekers are charged with the difficult task of locating and capturing the minuscule and lightning-quick, winged Golden Snitch which whizzes around the pitch at near invisibility.

They attempt this wholly independent of the Chasers and may spend a great deal of their time simply locating the enigmatic Snitch. When they finally do find it, they race after it attempting to catch it. At this time, the opposing Seeker may be alerted to the Snitch and follow suit. The resulting duel is a competition of speed, agility, and strength as the Seekers battle to make the catch.

When the Snitch has been caught, the victorious Seeker's team is awarded 150 points (50 points on Quidditch Manager) and the match ends.

While a quick capture of the Snitch can render the Chasers obsolete, a sizeable goal deficit can make catching the snitch an undesirable outcome until the gap is reduced. In this instance, the Seeker on the losing team will fight to win the duel before letting the Snitch escape back into obscurity.

There is no time limit in Quidditch, therefore the Snitch must be caught in order for the game to end.